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Supreme Court denies stay request in North Carolina redistricting case

( ) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday refused to stay a ruling that two North Carolina congressional districts be redrawn over racial gerrymandering in a 2011 redistricting, forcing congressional primaries to be rescheduled for June 7.

A lower court panel of federal judges this month barred el,上海夜生活男人好去处Cadence,ections in the majority black districts, the 1st and the 12th, until new maps are approved, calling the current maps unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court gave no explanation for its decision in a one-sentence order issued late on Friday night.

The ruling said race had been the main factor when the Republican-controlled legislature redrew the boundaries and state lawmakers were not justified in using that benchmark.

Three voters filed suit in 201上海夜生活论坛3 to invalidate the districts. Both are represented by Democrats, with G.K. Butterfield in the 1st, and Alma Adams in the 12th.

The primaries for the state’s 13 U.S. House seats will be held on June 7 rather than March 15 after North Carolina lawmakers agreed to move the date,上海夜网推油Barney, on Thursday if the Supreme Court rejected the s,上海夜生活去哪玩Ida,tay request. The state’s presidential and gubernatorial primaries will still be held on March 15.

Broadcaster WRAL reported that while state lawmakers hoped for a stay, legislators in the state’s House on Friday moved ahead and gave final approval to newly-drafted congressional maps ahead of the Court’s decision to reject the stay request.

Politico reported that Justice Antonin Scalia had been expected to vote in favor of staying the ruling before his death last Saturday, though it was not immediately clear how his death affected the court’s decision.

Malaysia says never hired British data firm at center of scrutiny

KUALA LUMPUR ( ) – The Malaysian government and the ruling party on Tuesday denied they had ever hired Cambridge Analytica, the British data analytics firm accused of improperly harvesting personal data from millions of Facebook users.

The New York Times and the British Observer reported that Cambridge Analytica had acquired private data harvested from more than 50 million Facebook users to support Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election campaign.

In a secretly recorded video by Britain’s Channel 4 News, Cambridge Analytica officials were also recorded saying they have used a web of shell companies to disguise their activities i上海夜网n elections in Malaysia, Mexico and Brazil, among various countries where they have worked to sway election outcomes.

“Contrary to media reports, neither Cambridge Analytica nor its parent company SCL Group have ever – now or in the past – been contracted, employed or paid in any way by Barisan Nasional, the Prime Minister’s Office or any part of the Government of Malaysia,” the office of Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak said on Tuesday. Barisan Nasional (BN) is Malaysia’s ruling coal,上海夜网后花园Babette,ition.

SCL and Cambridge Analytica did not respond to requests by for comment regarding their work in Malaysia. Cambridge Analytica had earlier denied all the media claims and said it deleted the data after learning the information ,上海夜生活服务Quay,did not adhere to data-protection rules.

Malaysia is gearing up for national elections that have to be called by August, with sources telling that polls may be held as early as April. Najib’s coalition is widely expected to retain power.

Najib’s office also said SCL has informed the government that “Cambridge Analytica’s advice on the 2013 general election was provided personally to Mukhriz Mahathir,” who was then with the ruling coalition but is now part of the opposition.

“The SCL representative also confirmed that he reported directly to Mukhriz Mahathir, not BN or the government,” Najib’s office said.

Mukhriz told that the statement by PMO was misleading.

“I categorically deny any contact with Cambridge Analytica at any time,” he said. Earlier in the day, he denied rece,上海夜网千花Rae,iving any analysis, data or advice from the firm.

Mukhriz is the son of the former Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamad, who is now the opposition’s prime ministerial candidate.

According to Cambridge Analytica’s website, the firm “supported Barisan Nasional in Kedah state with a targeted messaging campaign highlighting their school improvements since 2008.” It also notes how BN wrested power back from the opposition in the 2013 elections.

Mukhriz was appointed chief minister of Kedah after the 2013 win, but he was sacked by the ruling party in 2016 after being critical of Najib in a corruption scandal.

Obama’s trip aims to make Cuba opening ‘irreversible’

WASHINGTON ( ) – President,上海夜生活服务Jack, Barack Obama plans to lay out his vision for U.S.-Cuba relations in a major speech during next week’s historic visit to Havana aimed at making his opening to America’s former Cold War foe “irreversible,” the White House said on Wednesday.

Previewing Obama’s three-day trip, U.S. deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes expressed hope that Tuesday’s scheduled “speech to the Cuban people” would be broadcast throughout the island and said Cuba’s Communist government had not raised any objections to doing so.

But Rhodes could not confirm whether the event, which will take place at Havana’s legendary Gran Teatro, would actually be carried by Cuba’s state-run media, saying, “We’ll see how that transpires.”


Obama, who will be the first U.S. president to visit Cuba in 88 years, arrives on Sunday and holds talks on Monday with Cuban President Raul Castro, followed by what Rhodes described as a joint “press event” and a state dinner.

Obama’s meeting with Cuban dissidents on Tuesday will include prominent activists of his own choosing, Rhodes said. Despite Cuban leaders’ view of such meetings as interference in the island’s internal affairs, Rhodes said there was no reason to believe the government would block any invitees from participating.

“If there are any impediments to that meeting we would be very clear about this,” Rhodes said. He declined to name any of those who would attend.

Obama will arrive just days after unveiling sweeping new measures to make it far easier for Americans to visit Cuba and for the island’s government to conduct international trade.

Obama’s critics have accused him of giving up too much in return for too little from Cuban leaders and of now taking a premature “victory lap.”

The Obama administration insists that engagement will benefit the Cuban people and open up the island to U.S. business – though Cuban leaders have been slow to make economic reforms. At the same time, the decades-old U.S. trade embargo against Cuba remains, with little chance Congress will lift it anytime soon.

Rhodes said Obama’s speech “will be a very important moment in the president’s trip, an opportunity for him to describe the course that we’re on, to review the complicated history between our two countries … but also to look forward to the future.”

“We very much want to make the process of normalization irreversible,” he told reporters ,上海夜生活Dakota,on a conference call.

Obama’s aides hope that getting more U.S companies invested in Cuba and loosening up travel to the island will make it almost impossible for traditionally pro-business Republicans to roll back the thaw if they win the White House in November.

Traveling with first lady Michelle Obama and their daughters Sasha and Malia, the president plans to start his visit late on Sunday with a tour of the cultural sites of Old Havana. He will also meet Cardinal Jaime Orte,上海会所夜网Paige,ga, who played a key role in the U.S.-Cuba diplomatic breakthrough in December 2014, at Havana’s cathedral, Rhodes said.

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Israel investigating Facebook over privacy concerns

JERUSALEM ( ) – Israel is investigating Facebook Inc. over possible infringement of its citizens’ p,上海夜生活群Oakley,rivacy following reports that British consultancy Cambridge Analytica ,上海足浴夜网联系方式Daisy,improperly accessed users’ information, the Justice Ministry said on Thursday.

The probe will examine “whether personal data of Israeli citizens was illegally used in a way that infringes upon their ,上海夜生活服务Kaia,right to privacy and the provisions of the Israeli Privacy Law,” the ministry said in a statement.

According to the Israeli law, it said, personal data may only be used to the purpose for which it was given, with the consent of the individual.

The world’s largest social-media network is facing growing government scrutiny in Europe and the United States.

This follows allegations by a whistleblower that Cambridge Analytica improperly accessed users’ information to build profiles on American voters that were later used to help elect U.S. President Donald Trump in 2016.

Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg has promised tougher steps to restrict developers’ access to user information.

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica have both blamed the academic who provided the data, Aleksandr Kogan, who gathered it by running a survey app on Facebook. Kogan has said he is being上海夜生活论坛 made a scapegoat.

New head of scandal-hit Kobe Steel may seek mergers for some…

( ) – Kobe Steel’s new president on Friday said he may seek mergers or alliances outside the company for one or more of its business divisions, as he battles to repair damage from a data fraud scandal that roiled Japanese industr,上海足浴夜网联系方式Ebba,y.

Mitsugu Yamaguchi faces a difficult challenge to rebuild credibility at the 112-year-old steelmaker, which sent shockwaves through global supply chains after revealing widespread tampering of specifications on products used in planes, trains and automobiles.

While no safety issues have been identified and the company’s shares have recovered much of their sharp losses from the early days of the scandal, Kobe Steel (5406.T) faces a U.S. Department of Justice investigation that may yet prove costly.

Consumers in the United States and Canada have also filed lawsuits against Japan’s third-largest steelmaker.

Kobe Steel has lost certificates of industrial quality that may make it harder to sell to certain customers.

“I will fully carry out my responsibilities to prevent any recurrences and regain trust,” Yamaguchi, 60, said at a press conference.

He said the company was unlikely to seek a full merger with a rival, but that individual businesses could be combined with others.

Yamaguchi replaces Hiroya Kawasaki as president and chief executive officer on April 1 after the long-serving head of the company stepped down to take responsibility for the fraud that the company admitted had been going on for nearly five decades. Kawasaki remains a director of the company.

Yamaguchi heralds from Kobe Steel’s machinery division, unlike many of his predecessors who had come from the company’,上海夜生活Idaleen,s mainstay steel business or its general affairs operations.

Kobe Steel last week released 上海夜生活论坛results from a four-month-long investigation by an external committee and said it had found new cases of impropriety, increasing the total number of affected clients to 605, including 222 overseas.

The company’s data tampering came mostly from its aluminum and copper division, but some cheating cases were found at the steel division.

The Kobe Steel case, one of the country’s bi,上海夜网官方网站Macauly,ggest industrial scandals in recent memory, set off a rash of malfeasance revelations by other Japanese heavyweights, hitting the country’s reputation for manufacturing excellence.

United Airlines image bruised after latest round of PR fiascos

NEW YORK ( ) – United Airlines is struggling to repair its badly bruised public image after the death of a puppy onboard one of its flights reignited public debate about the airline’s customer service failures.

United faces possible action by the U.S. Congress, as well as federal and local authorities, along with criticism from passengers after the latest in a series of public relations blunders by the third largest U.S. air carrier.

The most recent incident involved the death of a French bulldog, Kokito, that died last week after a United flight attendant insisted that the puppy’s carrying case be stored in the ,上海夜生活网交流Oakley,plane’s overhead locker during a 3-1/2-hour flight.

Federal and local authorities are trying to determine if there are grounds for legal action in the dog’s death, and lawmakers have introduced a bill to Congress that would direct the Federal Aviation Administration to prohibit storing live animals in overhead compartments and establish civil fines for violations.

The district attorneys offices in Harris County, Texas, where the flight originated, and Queens County, New York, where the flight landed, are probing the incident. Both the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Department of Agriculture are also involved.

Social media users have threatened to boycott the airline, with thousands of tweets and re-tweets employing the hashtags #BoycottUnited and #BoycottUnitedAirlines to warn against flying on the carrier.

“You can’t talk your way out of a situation you behaved your way into,” Anthony D’Angelo, national chair of the Public Relations Society of America, said.

D’Angelo pointed to United’s immediate but short public apology to Kokito’s owners and other customer relations mishaps, including a mixup last week that led to a Kansas family’s dog being shipped to Japan, as evidence of the type of bad headlines that can lead to a reputational “death by a thousand cuts.”

“Unless there is a concerted and proactive effort… customers could start asking what’s going on. Stockholders could. Legislators could. The board could. At some point you could see some executive changes.”

Last April, the careers of some United executives looked in上海夜生活网 danger after video was published of Chicago O’Hare airport aviation police dragging a bloodied 69-year-old Vietnamese-American doctor from his seat and down the aisle of a parked United plane in order to make room for airline employees.

That incident, and a fumbled initial apology from United Chief Executive Oscar Munoz, prompted severe criticism of the carrier for its customer service shortfalls.

A Morning Consult poll at the time found that 40 percent of respondents said they would spend more time and money to avoid flying the airline.

Pressure has grown on Chief Executive Munoz in the months since to improve customer-carrier relations, and the negative headlines have revealed a number of customer complaints still to be addressed.


These incidents have attracted the attention of federal legislators to a sector that has o,上海凤楼夜网Faith,perated fairly autonomously since the airline industry deregulation in the 1970’s.

After the incident involving the passenger being dragged from the plane, a bill was introduced to the U.S. Congress that would make it illegal for an airline to eject an already-boarded passenger from a flight and require airlines to promptly refund passengers if they do not receive the service they have paid for.

The death of the dog Kokito last week prompted two U.S. senators to introduce the “Welfare of Our Furry Friends Act”, or “WOOFF” bill that would impose civil fines for stowing animals in a plane’s overhead.

“I would think that anyone that has to travel with United is going to think twice now,” Dan Rene, senior vice president of Levick public relations firm, said.

While industry consolidation has limited the number of options U.S. customers have in choosing an airline, Rene warned that United’s repeated missteps could even turn cost-sensitive customers off its brand.

That could lead to severed partnerships with other corporations as fewer businesses want to associate with a brand they view as toxic.

“They have to show that they actually care about their customers, and in this case their customer could be on four legs instead of two,” Rene said. United needs to “own their current mistakes and talk about what they’re doing to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

After last year’s passenger ejection, United announced changes to the way it would compensate passengers who willingly give up their seats on overbooked flights.

And starting next month, United said it will issue brightly colored bag tags to passengers traveling with in-cabin pets to help flight attendants easily ide,夜上海论坛Sabine,ntify the animals.

United declined to comment further on the rash of incidents.

Top executive resigns from Cohen’s Point72 after lawsuit, fundraising

( ) – Douglas Haynes has resigned as president of Point72 Asset Management LP, a spokeswoman for billionaire Steven Cohen’s investment firm said on Sunday, as the company and Haynes face a lawsuit claiming women are subject to a hostile working environment.

The resignation on Friday comes after Stamford, Connecticut-based Point72 successfully raised $3 billion from outside investors for its relaunch as a traditional hedge fund manager.

Cohen told employees in an email on Friday that Haynes’ departure followed his leadership of the firm as a so-called family office for Cohen’s fortune and its reopening to outside money in January after being banned from taking public money.

“With these milestones achieved, Doug and I have taken stock and agreed that this is a natural point to make way for a new, different type of leader,” C,上海夜生活男人好去处Nadine,ohen said in the email, according to the spokeswoman.

Cohen’s former hedge fund firm, SAC Capital Advisors LP, pleaded guilty in an insider trading case in 2014. Cohen was not charged by U.S. authorities, but accepted the two-year ban from managing public money.

Haynes, a former McKinsey & Co executive who joined Point72 in early 2014 to help reshape the firm, di,上海会所夜网[随机符上海夜生活],d not respond to an email seeking comment on his resignation.

In February, Lauren Bonner, an associate director focused on employee performance, said in ,上海夜生活论坛Kaiden,a lawsuit that “structural sexism” pervades Point72, where women are denigrated by high-level employees, including Haynes. He was named as a defendant along with the firm and Cohen.

Cohen was not accused of inappropriate behavior in Bonner’s lawsuit.

The firm’s view “remains that (the sexism lawsuit) is without merit,” the Point72 spokeswoman said on Sunday. Cohen hired law firm Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP to conduct an independent assessment of the firm’s practices.

“Steve Cohen wants to make sure that his firm is living up to its stated values and fostering a respectful workplace,” the spokeswoman said in an emailed statement.

Haynes’ departure was previously reported by Bloomberg and the New York Times.

Goldman Sachs CEO Blankfein sees 9 percent pay hike in 2017

( ) – Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein saw his overall compensation rise 9 percent, despite the investment bank’s lackluster performance in 2017.

Blankfein’s total compensation was ab,上海新夜网龙凤Gabrielle,out $22 million in 2017, compared with $上海夜网20.2 million a year earlier, according to a regulatory filing.

Top executives at big Wall Street banks have seen their compensation rise in 2017.

JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) CEO Jamie Dimon was paid $29.5 million, a 5.4 percent increase; while Morgan,上海夜哪里艳遇Gabriel, Stanley (MS.N) CEO James Gorman’s compensation saw an increase of 20 percent to $27 million.


Citigroup Inc (C.N) CEO Michael Corbat’s compensation jumped 48 percent to $23 million.

Goldman’s chief operating officer, David Solomon, was paid $16.4 million in total compensation.

The bank said on March 12 Harvey Schwartz, co-chief operating officer, would retire, leaving David Solomon as sole president and chief operating officer.

Solomon is now the most obvious successor to Blankfein, who has held the top job for 12 years. (

Goldman’s profit nearly halved in 2017 as it struggled with a steep drop in trading revenue.

(Corrects to add $ symbol in second paragraph. Corrects to “March 12” from “Thursday” in paragraph 7)

Exxon eyes Gulf of Mexico plastics plant to meet Asia demand

( ) – Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.N) said on Tuesday it was planning to build a plastics plant on the U.S. Gulf Coast to meet the rising demand from Asia.

The plant, which is expected to open by 2021, will help increase its manufacturing capacity by up to 450,000 tons a year.

The expansion is part of Chief Executive Officer Darren Woods’ plans to spend $50 billion in the United States over the next five years.

Earlier this month, the world’s largest publicly traded oil producer set a goal to double annual earnings by 2025 through heavier investments.

The company has been under pressure from investors, some of whom fear that the company’s best days may be behind it.

A final decision on investment for Tuesday’s plans, estimated at several hundred million dollars, is expected later this year, Exxon said.

“Abundant supplies of domestically produced oil and natural gas have reduced energy costs and created new sources of feedstock for U.S. chemical manufacturing,” ExxonMobil Chemical Co President John Verity said.

“Most of our planned investment in the Gulf Coast region is focused on supplying emerging markets like Asia.,上海夜生活服务Kai,”

T,上海夜生活去哪玩Nadia,he project will create more than 600 jobs during peak construction and about 60 permanent jobs when production begins, the company said.

Shar上海夜生活网es of the company were slightly up at $7,上海夜网邀请码Hadrian,4.42 on Tuesday morning on the New York Stock Exchange.

No sign of end to fight on U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Rubio holds firm

WASHINGTON ( ) – Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio has no plans to allow a vote on President Barack Obama’s nominee to be ambassador to Mexico, a spokesman said on Thursday, despite calls from his fellow Republicans and Democrats in the Senate to let her confirmation move ahead.

The long delay in confirming career diplomat Roberta Jacobson has contributed to concerns about the state of U.S.-Mexico relations fueled by aggressive rhetoric against its citizens in the race to be the 2016 Republican nominee.

Three Democratic and one Republican U.S. senator held a news conference on Thursday calling for her nomination to move ahead. There has been no U.S. ambassador in Mexico City for nine months.

Donald Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination, has labeled Mexicans drug runners and rapists and called for a massive wall along the border. Rubio and fellow Republican Senator Ted Cruz have also proposed building a wall.

Obama nominated Jacobson in June. She has faced resistance from Rubio and some other lawmakers, however, for reasons including her role in helping negotiate Obama’s easing of relations with Communist-ruled Cuba and what they say is the administration’s failure to prioritize human rights.

Rubio, a Cuban-American from Florida, has been a leading opponent of the policy, saying Havana should improve its rights record before trade and travel restrictions are eased.

The Senate Foreign Relations C,上海夜网Kaiden,ommittee approved Jacobson’s nomination in November, with Republican and Democratic support. But Rubio has been blocking her, under a Senate rule allowing any member to “hold” a nomination indefinitely.

“Senator Rubio maintains his strong opposition to this nominee on the basis of her failure to be transparent during the confirmation process, inability to provide straightforward answers,夜上海419龙凤论坛Octavien,, and poor track record on a wide range of issues as the assistant secretary of state for Western,上海夜网官方网站Jack, Hemisphere affairs,” Rubio spokesman Alex Burgos said.

Senators from states that border Mexico held a news conference with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce calling for Jacobson’s confirmation, citing the importance of the U.S.-Mexico relationship.

Mexico is the second largest market for U.S. exports and the country’s third-largest trading partner.

“It’s extremely important,” said Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona.

Democrat Tom Udall of New Mexico, who tried to bring up Jacobson’s nomination in the Senate but was blocked by Republican Mike Lee on Rubio’s behalf, s上海夜生活网aid he was confident Jacobson would be confirmed if a vote went ahead.

General Electric announces 225 orders for refurbished locomotives

( ) – General Electric Co’s (GE.N) transportation unit said on Tuesday several North American railroads have placed orders this year for 225 refurbished locomotives, although it declined to say which railroads ordered the equipment.

GE also said in a statement that it will deliver 80 modernized locomotives previously ordered by Canadian Pacific railway Co and 100 to Norfolk Southern Corp (NSC.N) in 201,上海夜网Kaia,8.

The orders were the latest evidence of major railroads seeking to control costs by refurbishing aging machinery instead of purchasing new engines.

Gene上海夜网ral Electric Chief Executive Officer John Flannery said in November that GE would exit at least $20 billion in operations to improve its financial performance. The company is exploring options for the transportation unit; its iconic lighting division, which makes bulbs for consumers; and its healthcare information technology business.

A GE spokesman did not immediately reply to an emailed request for comment on what Tuesday’s announcement might mean for those plans.

GE w,上海夜网千花Tabitha,ill make varying upgrades,上海夜生活论坛Gabriel, to aging locomotives – some more than 20 years old – such as improvements to control systems or electrical circuitry. The changes boost hauling capacity but are cheaper than buying new, it said.

“Modernizations will most likely be a strong portion of our locomotive capital spending for a number of years,” Doug Corbin, an assistant vice president at Norfolk Southern, said in a statement accompanying GE’s announcement.

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Saudi Arabia’s new crown prince to sit down with Wall Street

BOSTON/NEW YORK ( ) – Saudi Arabia’s crown prince will rub sh,上海高端夜生活在那里Pablo,oulders in New York next week with top figures from Wall Street and Corporate America, part of a whistle-stop first visit to the United States since becoming King Salman’s heir apparent last year.

On a public relations blitz, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has lined up stops in Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle to cultivate investments. On Tuesday, he met with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

In addition to cultivating Western ties for investments in Saudi Arabia, the trip is also an opportunity for the crown prince to try to reassure some investors who were unnerved by the severity and secrecy of an anti-corruption crackdown last November.

Prince Mohammed has won Western plaudits for seeking to reduce his country’s r上海夜生活网eliance on oil, tackle chronic corruption and transform the deeply conservative, mainly Sunni Muslim kingdom.

The crown prince will take part in the 2018 Saudi U.S.-CEO Forum in New York next Tuesday, the Saudi embassy said in a statement on Monday. As part of the event, he is slated to host a gala dinner, according to a copy of the forum’s agenda seen by .

Others set to attend will include JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) Chief Executive Jamie Dimon, Henry Kravis, who is CEO of private equity firm KKR & Co LP (KKR.N), and Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman, sources familiar with the matter said. Dimon also planned to attend a gala with the crown prince in Washington on Thursday, one of the sources said.

BlackRock Inc (BLK.N) CEO Larry Fink, who is traveling for the China Development Forum in Beijing this weekend, was not expected to attend the Saudi-U.S. event, a person familiar with the matter said. Two senior executives from BlackRock, Philipp Hildebrand and Mark Wiseman, will attend, the person said.

DowDuPont Inc DWDP.N Executive Chairman Andrew Liveris, who is listed as co-chair of the Saudi-U.S. forum, will also be in attendance, according to the forum’s website.

,上海夜生活怎么玩Landon,Citigroup (C.N) CEO Michael Corbat was to be out of the country during the event but planned to see the crown prince elsewhere, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Next Thursday, Blackstone Group LP (BX.N) CEO Stephen Schwarzman will host an event for the crown prince, a source said.

A Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) spokeswoman declined to comment whether CEO Lloyd Blankfein would be attending the forum, while a spokesman for Morgan Stanley (MS.N) could not be reached for comment. A Lazard spokeswoman also did not comment on any meetings.

A key focus of the crown prince’s visit has been any information on a potentially lucrative listing of up to 5 percent of state oil company Saudi Aramco. It could value it at up to $2 trillion and make it the world’s biggest oil company by market capitalization.

Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said in an interview with in Washington on Thursday that his country may still move forward with an initial public offering on an international exchange such as London or New York in the second half of 2018, despite previously raising doubts it could be delayed to next year.

The New York Stock Excha,上海夜玩网论坛Jack,nge (NYSE) and Nasdaq are among the possible venues for the listing.

A representative for the NYSE declined to comment on whether or not they will have someone in attendance at the forum.

Wife of ‘American Sniper’ making waves in Texas Republican politics

FORT WORTH, Texas ( ) – The widow of a slain Navy SEAL whose story was turned into the hit movie “American Sniper” has become a prominent figure in Fort Worth Republican politics even though her name does not appear on Tuesday’s ,上海夜网Gabi,primary ballot.

Taya Kyle, the wife of Chris Kyle, is c,上海夜生活乌托邦Tamara,ampaign treasurer for a Republican opponent of longtime Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson, the lawman seen as the face of the manhunt for “affluenza” teen Ethan Couch.

Kyle is also in a dispute with her late husband’s former business partner Bo French, who is running as a Republican for a Texas House of Representatives seat from the same county.

Lawyers for Kyle sent a cease-and-desist letter to the French camp last week calling on it to stop using her husband’s name and likeness in campaign materials.

“Bo (is) abusing the name of my late husband, a beloved Son of Texas, and a hero to the nation, in an attempt to manipulate voters,” Kyle said in a statement on social media. She did not respond to requests to speak about her political activism.

“Her experience with public exposure and scrutiny has taught her not to let her guard d上海夜生活own,” said Republican political strategist Bill Miller. “She’s become a very formidable woman.”

Chris and Taya Kyle have become stars of the state’s Republican establishment, with Governor Greg Abbott setting up a day to honor the memory of Chris Kyle, who was killed in 2013 by a troubled veteran he was trying to mentor.

Taya Kyle last year endorsed former Governo,上海021夜网Earl,r Rick Perry in his unsuccessful bid for the Republican presidential nomination. She now endorses U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

In the sheriff’s race, she may be the difference in the campaign of Bill Waybourn, a former suburban Fort Worth police chief, analysts said.

Waybourn, backed by the conservative Tea Party movement, is challenging Anderson, a fellow Republican, who gained national attention in calling for the apprehension of Couch. The teen, whose lawyer said his wealth distorted his moral compass, fled to Mexico in December apparently to avoid apprehension for violating the probation deal that kept him out of jail for a drunken driving wreck in 2013 that killed four people.

Kyle, 41, has not indicated any intention to seek elective office, but analysts said that should not be ruled out.

“Once someone gets involved and gets their hands wet in politics, it’s hard to get out,” Miller said.

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AirAsia switches to digital mode as it lightens load with leasing sale

SINGAPORE ( ) – Tony Fernandes, the co-founder of AirAsia Bhd (AIRA.KL), is seeking to transform Asia’s biggest budget airline into an asset-light, 上海夜生活网digitally focused firm after the $1 billion sale of its leasing business, in an effort to foster sustainable growth.

AirAsia, which pioneered budget air travel in Asia along the lines of Ryanair Holdings (RYA.I) in Europe, is now building a sprawling empire that includes a payments company, logistics firm, food and beverages brands and a loyalty program.

Leveraging the profusion of customer data from its 65 million-plus passengers, the focal point of the strategy is a digital push that exceeds in scale that of regional budget airlines like Indonesia’s Lion Group and Cebu Pacific of the Philippines.

AirAsia will also be going head-to-head against flag carriers such as Singapore Airlines (SIAL.SI) w,上海夜哪里艳遇Kaia,hich is ramping up investments in digital technology.

The goal is to offset the volatile earnings from the cyclical airline business.

“The biggest asset is our data,” Fernandes told in an interview. “And we’re going to monetize that data over a series of joint ventures in three kinds of pools.”

That includes turning its loyalty program points into a more formal currency through an initial coin offering, building a bigger logistic,上海仙霞路夜生活Queena,s business and growing its content offering.


In the near term however, analysts say the move by one of Airbus’s (AIR.PA) biggest global customers to part-lease its current and ordered fleet of 500-plus planes could hurt its profits and leave it exposed to the risk of higher lease rates.

“The leasing arm was a stable low risk business,” said Ngoi Se Chai, a partner at Hong Kong-based Oaklands Path Capital Management. “Now that that’s sold, earnings will come down and become more volatile. I think they sold something they shouldn’t have sold.”

While the sale proceeds from the leasing business will be used to reduce debt, the bulk will be paid out as special dividends, potentially limiting the upside in a stock that has more than quadrupled since hitting a seven-year low in late 2015.

“The amount of money generated from this exercise could almost wipe out AirAsia’s entire debts, so it would appear a positive move,” said Shukor Yusof, founder of consultancy Endau Analytics, but he noted it faces risks associated with higher leasing rates.

Leasing had accounted for around 20 percent of AirAsia’s revenue, with a similar share earned from non-ticket items like baggage fees and food sales.

The aim is to lift revenue from so-called ancillaries by 12 percent this year.

AirAsia plans to launch remittance and lending products in Southeast Asia, through its BigPay debit card and mobile app in Singapore after the recent launch in Malaysia, BigPay’s group CEO Chris Davison said.

But for now, the company’s non-flying revenue lags global low-cost leaders like Spirit Airlines (SAVE.N) in the United States and Ryanair and Wizz Air Holdings (WIZZ.L) in Europe that receive 40 percent of revenue from ancillaries, said Jay Sorensen, president of U.S.-based consultancy IdeaWorksCompa,上海夜网推油Dakota,ny.

He said AirAsia’s food, in-flight Wi-Fi and loyalty programs were good offerings but its approach in pricing add-ons was not maximizing revenue because it only offered two bundled choices rather than three.

“The best practice today is to present three choices at the same time, based upon a good, better and best model.”


The digital push is front and center as Fernandes restructures AirAsia into a listed group that oversees stakes in multiple airlines in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Japan and soon Vietnam and China and digital ventures rather than having the listing based on its Malaysian airline.

Combined, AirAsia forecasts the digital businesses will account for 7.6 percent of revenue this year, nearly half of its ancillary sales.

Former CEO Aireen Omar, who became deputy group CEO in January, is overseeing the non-airline businesses in a single entity that will ultimately seek a U.S. listing.

Corrine Png, CEO of research firm Crucial Perspective said AirAsia could triple its share price if it can successfully collect and monetize its Big Data.

“AirAsia’s current valuations are low as investors see it as a cyclical airline,” she said. “However, as its long-term revenue and earnings growth prospects improve, equity investors will start to value AirAsia like a growth stock.”

Avon calls truce with Barington, nominates CEO Mitarotonda to board

( ) – U.S. cosmetics maker Avon Products Inc (AVP.N) has reached an agreement with Barington Capital to nominate the investor’s chief executive officer, James Mitarotonda, to its board in exchange for avoiding a proxy contest, a filing on Monday showed.

Investors Shah Capital, Barington Capital Group and NuOrion Partners had pressured the cosmetics maker to explore strategic options, including a sale. The trio together hold a 3.4 percent stake in the company.

Mitarotonda, who runs Barington Capital, wil,上海夜哪里艳遇Lake,l join Avon’s board, the company said in a regulatory filing.

The settlement comes just 10 days after the New York-based investment firm notified the company it planned to nominate its own directors to the board.

In exchange for the board seat, the parties agree to not run the proxy contest and to support management’s directors, the filing said.

Barington first publicly disclosed its stake in Avon in December 2015.

Since then the firm has been increasingly vocal about its frustrations, which include de,夜上海419龙凤论坛Babette,teriorating operating performance.

Last year, Avon’s then-CEO, Sheri McCoy, said she would step down in March 2018 after activist investor Barington pressured th,上海夜生活男人好去处Lance,e company for her removal. In February, Avon named former Unilever NV UNc.AS executive Jan Zijderveld to lead the company.

Barington Capital and Avon were not immediately available for comment.

Barington and the other activists had become increasingly frustrated with the long proc上海夜生活ess of finding a new CEO and had been pushing the company to consider a sale. While they were pleased with Zijderveld’s appointment, they continued to lobby for operational changes and board changes.

Avon’s shares were trading nearly 3 percent higher in after-market trade on Monday.

G20 leaders to hold fire on cryptocurrencies amid discord: sources

BUENOS AIRES ( ) – The world’s financial leaders gathering in Argentina on Monday are likely to s上海夜生活论坛top short of any specific action aimed at regulating cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, amid discord over the approach, sources at the summit told .

Wild swings in the price of Bitcoin, the best known of a myriad of digital currencies issued by private companies, cyber heists involving such assets, and fears they may be used for crime have raised calls for concerted actions by global regulators.

Finance ministers and central bankers from the world’s 20 largest economies meeting in Buenos Aires will be told on Tuesday that such “crypto assets” do not threaten financial stability but can serve to launder money or finance terrorism and hurt consumers who buy them.

However, no action is expected to follow at the summit as policymakers have yet to agree on a common strategy to tackle the issue and some countries, including the United States, are wary of new regulation after a decade of rule-making in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008-2009, the sources said.

This pushes back the prospect of a global rule book on the matter, something that some regulators say is needed to tackle a phenomenon that transcends borders.

“It’s unlikely that the G20 will ask for new regulation,” one of the sources said.

A communique summarizing the thinking of summit participants,上海夜生活群Gabriel, was expected to be light on substance, merely promising vigilance and further study, the sources said.

This is in line with a recommendation by Mark Carney, the chair of the standard-setting body, the Financial Stabilit,上海夜生活Lake,y Board, who in his usual letter to summit participants called for “further international coordination” and “enhanced monitoring”, reflecting division among regulators.

Some countries, such as France, have proposed taking specific steps, such as creating the legal status of,上海夜生活网419Mace, “crypto assets service providers” as a first step for regulating the sector.

Others reject the notion that such tokens should be treated as financial assets at all and fear that regulating them would give them a degree of legitimacy.

“They’d put a big sign on their website saying that they’re regulated and therefore sanctioned by the authorities,” another source said.

This may leave the onus on national regulators to act, opening potential opportunities for providers of crypto currencies to game the rules by moving their operations to other jurisdictions.

“Unless G20 countries get it right, we may give the opportunity to other countries to fill that space,” said Mercina Tillemann-Dick of industry group the Global Blockchain Business Council, speaking at a separate event in Buenos Aires.

Shale firms pump up dividends as industry focus on returns grows

HOUSTON ( ) – Nearly a third of the 25 top U.S. shale oil producers have paid or pledged to pay dividends this year, according to review of financial filings, the largest number since the shale boom took off a decade ago.

Oil prices CLc1 have risen by over a third in the past year, giving 上海夜生活shale producers more revenue to respond to investor calls for improved shareholder returns.

Investors in shale have seen thin returns despite booming production, as shale firms have used profits to invest in raising output more rather than returning cash to shareholders.

Seven U.S. independent shale producers, including Anadarko Petroleum Corp (APC.N) and ConocoPhillips (COP.N), have boosted quarterly dividends this year, financial disclosures show. That’s a change from just two years ago, when eight of the 25 largest shale firms cut payouts as oil prices CLc1 plunged.

“Investors are using a large megaphone as they talk to the industry about returns, and it’s on the minds of a lot of CEOs,” Travis Stice, chief executive of shale producer Diamondback Energy Inc (FANG.O), said in an interview.

Diamondback last month announced a 12.5-cent quarterly dividend, becoming the first U.S. shale oil company to start a payout since the oil price downturn began in 2014, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence. Shares of the Midland, Texas-based company, which operates in the Permian Basin, the largest U.S. oilfield, are up about 11 percent since the move.

“You’re going to see more shale producers focus on dividends,” said Leigh Goehring of G&R Associates, a New York-based energy investment research firm. “Shareholders are demanding it and a trend is forming.”

Since January, 11 shale producers have disclosed plans to spend $3.5 billion on stock buybacks.Oil producers this week will meet investors at an industry conference in New Orleans, a gathering that energy firms often use to outline annual production goals and to shape investor expectations for first-quarter results.

Calls are likely for more companies to begin offering payouts through dividends or share repurchases. The outlook for continued production gains and the impact of rising service costs also will be on investors’ agenda.

“There does seem to be increasing evidence ,夜上海论坛Dalton,of financial prudence in the industry,,上海夜生活乌托邦Sabia,” said Andy McConn of oil consultancy Wood Mackenzie.

Twelve of the 25 largest shale firms do not have quarterly payouts, choosing instead to reinvest cash in drilling and other projects. Parsley Energy Inc (PE.N) and Continental Resources Inc (CLR.N) are among the largest of that group, focusing on driving growth in the largest- and second-largest U.S. shale fields, respectively.

That may change as more of their peers f,上海夜生活怎么玩Landon,ocus on payouts.

“Investors are looking for improving results, better returns and operational performance,” said Maynard Holt, chief executive of energy investment bank Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.

GSK buys out Novartis in $13 billion consumer healthcare shake-up

FRANKFURT/ZURICH ( ) – GlaxoSmithKline (GSK.L) is buying Novartis (NOVN.S) out of their consumer healthcare joint venture for $13 billion, taking full control of products including Sensodyne toothpaste, Panadol headache tablets, muscle gel Voltaren, and Nicotinell patches.

GSK’s biggest move since Emma Walmsley became chief executive last year follows the British drugmaker’s decision last week to quit the race to buy Pfizer’s (PFE.N) consumer healthcare business, endangering an auction the U.S. company hoped would bring in as much as $20 billion.

Consumer remedies sold over the counter have lower margins than prescription drugs, but they are typically well-known brands with customers.

“The proposed transaction addresses one of our key capital a,上海夜网推油Barrett,llocation priorities and will allow GSK shareholders to capture the full value of one of the world’s leading consumer healthcare businesses,” Walmsley said in a statement on Tuesday.

Although some pharmaceuticals groups have been keen to hold consumer care products, intense price competition online, mainly from Amazon (AMZN.O), as well as cheaper store-brand products, have led others to doubt their stable returns longer-term.

The British group’s shares jumped 6.1 percent, outperforming a 2 percent gain in the STOXX Europe 600 Health Care .SXDP.

GSK said that as well as ending the Novartis venture it would start a strategic review of Horlicks and other consumer nutrition products, spark上海夜生活ing another potential industry shake-up. The review will include an assessment of its majority stake i,上海夜生活网交流Eason,n India-listed GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GLSM.NS).

Related CoverageGSK says very confident about consumer margin goal of at least 20 percent

“The decision not to pay up for Pfizer’s consumer assets will have led GSK CEO Emma Walmsley to remove uncertainty by bringing all the consumer revenues in-house and assisting toward efficient capital allocation,” said Ketan Patel, co-manager of the Amity UK Fund at EdenTree Investment Management, who holds GSK shares.

“Long-term investors will welcome the greater clarity this brings to both companies.”

GSK said that the purchase would boost adjusted earnings and cash flows.

Pfizer has been struggling to sell its consumer healthcare business after GSK and Reckitt Benckiser (RB.L) both dropped out of the bidding, while differences in price expectations have also hobbled German drugmaker Merck KGaA’s (MRCG.DE) attempts to sell its consumer products unit.

And GSK’s call for bids for its consumer healthcare nutrition brands – with a regional focus on India – could detract attention from Merck’s asset, which relies heavily on sales of vitamins and dietary supplements in emerging markets.


Barclays analysts said Glaxo was paying less than 17 times expected 2018 core earnings for the joint venture stake, whil,上海夜网邀请码Balthazar,e sources have told that both Merck and Pfizer had asked for up to 20 times for their respective assets.

Yet analysts at Baader Helvea welcomed the cash price fetched by Novartis as “excellent news” for the Swiss company, whose shares opened 1.9 percent higher.

Deutsche Bank analysts said the move decluttered Novartis’s portfolio, but cautioned that the Swiss group was being too vague about what it would do with the cash.

“The time is right for Novartis to divest a non-core asset at an attractive price,” Novartis CEO Vas Narasimhan said.

Novartis said the money would be used by Novartis to expand its business organically as well as for bolt-on acquisitions.

In an interview before the deal was announced, Narasimhan ruled out large acquisitions by the Basel-based company.

“We want to focus our M&A efforts on bolt on acquisitions that have either new technologies or products that fit into our core therapeutic areas,” he told CNBC in an interview recorded on Sunday.

For Narasimhan, a Harvard trained medical doctor, the disposal is among his first moves as CEO, a role he took on less than two months ago when he replaced Joe Jimenez.

He is now emphasizing the use of technology to boost returns on research investment but Novartis is currently also reviewing its Alcon eye care unit for a possible spinoff to shareholders, which could come in early 2019.

Under the 2014 deal to pool their consumer assets, Novartis had the right so sell its 36.5 percent stake to Glaxo from this month. The transaction is set to complete in the second quarter, subject to necessary approvals.

($1 = 0.7029 pounds)

New Zealand court rejects Megaupload founder’s call for Obama…

WELLINGTON ( ) – A New Zealand court rejected on Wednesday internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom’s application for former U.S. President Barack Obama to appear in court in relation to a damages claim over his defunct Megaupload streaming website.

German-born Dotcom, who is wanted by U.S. law enforcement authorities on copyright and money-laundering allegations related to Megaupload, has said the U.S. prosecution was “politica,上海夜生活论坛Nadia,lly motivated” because the Obama administration was under pressure from Hollywood for stricter copyright enforcement.

Megaupload was shut down in 2012, while Obama was president, after an FBI-ordered raid on Dotcom’s Auckland mansion. He was indicted the same year along with fellow Megaupload executives.

Dotcom and several other New Zealand-based defendan,上海足浴夜网联系方式Jacklyn,ts have denied the allegations.

I,上海夜生活乌托邦Nadine,n a separate case, D上海夜生活论坛otcom filed claims for damages of roughly $10 billion in December against U.S. and New Zealand authorities “for the destruction of Megaupload” and the constraints on his liberty for more than seven years.

The High Court dismissed Dotcom’s application to issue a subpoena for Obama in this case, saying it was “premature” and that Dotcom’s “opinion that Mr Obama’s evidence will be relevant to the present claims appears at best speculative”.

Dotcom said on Twitter: “I am disappointed of course because I believe my affidavit contains compelling evidence of the link between the Obama administration, Hollywood, and my extradition proceeding.”

“However, after seven years of this, I am used to fighting to get to the truth and will keep fighting. Next round!”

Obama is visiting New Zealand from until Friday. He has meetings scheduled with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and former prime minister John Key before leaving for Sydney.